Tony Arata

Tony Arata

Tony Arata wrote The Dance. Enough said.

But I’ll say more anyway. One night I performed in the round at The Bluebird Cafe with Tony, Craig Bickhardt, and Don Henry. There was a young couple sitting in the audience behind Tony, and for most of the night they were model audience members. The young man listened and enjoyed our music as he consumed large quantities of Bluebird beer and alcohol. The young woman, ever the designated driver/girlfriend, sat beside him having an equally good time.

But near the end of our last set something happened. The young man snapped. Overwhelmed by the beauty and the message of Tony’s songs, he was empowered by the love in his heart for the woman sitting beside him and strengthened by the alcohol flowing through his veins. He decided then and there was the perfect place and time to propose marriage to his unsuspecting sweetheart, who was still quite sober. He passed a note to Tony that explained his intention and requested Tony be the one to break the happy news to the young woman. On mic. In front of God and the entire audience. Ah, romance.

Tony rose from his seat, and with microphone in hand, walked over to where the couple was sitting. He stood beside them and began telling us all how his mother had dreamed he would one day become a minister or a priest. He confessed she was deeply disappointed he had chosen to become a songwriter instead. Tony went on to say he wished his mother were there to witness what he was about to do, adding he hoped it would in some way fulfill his mother’s dream.

The stage was set for the momentous event. Tony read the young man’s note aloud and handed him the microphone. The young man took the mic and knelt down in front of his stunned, and quite sober, sweetheart. He professed his undying love, and asked her to marry him. On mic. In front of God and the entire audience.

The young woman’s eyes widened in disbelief. I have never heard it as quiet in The Bluebird Cafe as it was while we all waited for her to respond. After a few tense moments, she jumped up from her seat and ran out of the club crying with her hands over her face. The stunned young man, now quite sober, looked up at Tony and then ran out after her.

With that, Tony rejoined the round and sang The Dance. Enough said.



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    What was the outcome? Did she say yes? . If so, are they still married?

    regards. Ellison

  2. Posted April 29, 2012 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know the outcome, Ellison. Sorry.

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