The Wizard of Oz II: Tour de Franzia

Coming soon, The Wizard of Oz II: Tour de Franzia, the long awaited sequel to the classic movie The Wizard of Oz.

In this modern day fantasy, Dorothy’s non-gay, great-grandson, Ali, passes out in dorm room shower as the result of ingesting too much alcohol at party. Later he awakens to find himself being assaulted by a wild band of drunk Munchkins.

Fearing for his life and his reputation – because nobody is ever going to believe his “drunk Munchkins” story – Ali fights to escape the clutches of the evil drunk Munchkins. Dazed, bruised and woozy – but most certainly not gay – he flees down a yellow brick road in a desperate effort to reach the great Wizard of Franzia, or at least the great Wizard’s attorney, whom he hopes will help him get back home and restore his honor.

Along the way, Ali encounters an attractive but heartless Tin Man, a buff but cowardly Lion, a hot hunk of a dumb-ass Scarecrow, and a Winemaker. Together they all set off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Franzia, each hoping the mysterious, omniscient Wizard will fulfill their deepest desires.

The Tin Man seeks a heart. The Lion seeks courage. The Scarecrow wants a brain, but will settle for a significant other with a brain. And the Winemaker wants a patent for his ingenious invention; a cardboard box with a plastic, vacuum sealed bag inside for storing and dispensing large quantities of wine, which he is certain will be a big hit with college students and other budget-minded adults.

Don’t miss The Wizard of Oz II: Tour de Franzia, filmed in not-quite full color, mostly just orange and white. Opens October 2012 in select theaters in East Tennessee. The Daily Pulse

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