A Christmas Legend

Legend has it that..

1 After the Wise Men had given their gifts to the newborn King, they arose to return home.

2 Along the way they became hungry. But they could find no place to eat because all the restaurants they saw were closed in observance of the first Christmas.

3 Weary and discouraged, they continued on their journey until they happened upon a small, Indian restaurant called Taj. And there upon its sign they read the words, “OPEN CHRISTMAS. BUFFET 11AM – 3PM”.

4 Joyfully they dismounted their camels and went inside where they beheld a glorious feast. And so they ate and were filled.

5 And after they had eaten, they were glad and gave thanks.

6 And they blessed the owner of Taj with a generous tip for the kindness he had shown them.

7 And they praised him for his wisdom in being open to feed weary pilgrims on their holiday journeys. For they themselves were wise men and recognized wisdom when they saw it.

8 And so it was that from that day forth, the three Wise Men would journey to Taj each year on Christmas Day to feast in celebration and remembrance of that first Christmas.

So it was with them, and so it shall be with me. Thanks Taj! And Merry Christmas!


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